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yes square enix i /absolutely/ want to play a game about piss rich frat boys driving a nice car through the fuckin forest


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↳ yzma (in general) 

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                              “…tangled threads have to be untangled right?” 


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life will show you where you’re needed most.

life will show you where you’re needed most.

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What I don’t get is how everyone lost their shit over the white men with stubble in ACU but most people are ok with a party of 5 bros and literally zero known playable females in the new Final Fantasy, a series that has always had a pretty good girl/guy ratio?






In The Not So Distant Future, Glow-In-The-Dark Trees Could Replace Street Lights

Is that… is that even healthy?

There are sea organisms and fungi which glow in the dark and there’s fireflies and jellyfish which glow in the dark. It doesn’t do them any harm nor does it do the people around them any harm. I would say its pretty healthy, as well as it would mean more photosynthesis happening in cities which mean cleaner air.

I was just curious about how they were doing it and for some reason I didn’t think to click the link. But thanks! It makes more sense now. I was afraid it was some kind of chemical thing.

nah just genetic modification using existing bioluminescent genes. Genetics is really cool, and so is bioluminescence. I mean they’ve already made pigs glow using jellyfish genes and pigs are waaay more complicated than trees iirc. So they’re actually (i think) less likely to muck it up with trees.

In which case







(I like glowy things)

"No woman should ever have to go through that, and no woman strong enough to wear the mantle of ‘vicious bitch’ would ever put up with it."

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I guess that settles that argument
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I guess that settles that argument

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